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All products are made with zero-waste principles in mind and generate

Eco Shipping

All shipping materials are made from 100% recycled or second-hand materials and are recyclable or compostable at the end of their life.


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Be Kind

Above all else, we're all humans on this planet just trying to survive. Be kind to one another <3

An Obsession with Garbage

I spend a lot of my time obsessing over where everything we consume ends up- sadly, a lot of the time that is the landfill. As an avid bicycle-commuter, I get plenty of flat tires and after I’ve patched them over and over again, there comes a time when they just have to go! My inability to throw things out lead me to think of a way to give these lil’ puppies yet another life… and here we are.

Image Source: https://rubberimpact.org/

Our Amazing Team

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Owner, CEO

I tell them what to do.



What can I say? I like to play with garbage and I strive for a zero-waste lifestyle. I also love bikes.

Little Man

Hype Man

I make this shit look good.

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